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Marsha Nicholas, RP

Marsha is a Registered Psychotherapist who brings a wealth of experience supporting individuals struggling with chronic addictions and relapse. Marsha is highly versatile in her approach and can utilize her training and experience in multiple therapeutic modalities to support an individual, and their families, in confronting their struggles head on and work towards recovery. Marsha is dynamic in her skill set as she also supports individuals struggling with trauma, eating disorders, OSI, and many other mental health challenges. Marsha brings over 15 years of experience working both community level and in private practice. Reach out to Marsha today and begin taking back control of your life!

Session Options

Online only

Population Supported

Individuals 14+

Areas of Focus

Addictions, substance use disorders, trauma, anxiety, depression, relationship difficulties, disordered eating, and emotional dysregulation.


CBT, DBT, Supportive Psychotherapy, Brief Narrative Therapy, Exposure Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, and Solution-Focused Therapy

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